Globals are not getting updated in requests for flows

i’m passing random string in request for eg
“Name”: “{{name}}”,
and setting value in globals

while working with flow the globals are not getting updated when i run the complete workflow
although when i run the collection manually the globals get updated

Hi @vina-07

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Global variables won’t work with Flows. Each Send Request Block has to have a specific environment assigned to it or have the value be provided within the flow itself.

Hi @flows-daniel
thanks for your reply however it is accepting from globals its just not passing the variable to another request


if i want to make this gateway parameter dynamic for each flow request how can i do it??


You can pass it in using a select block. we have a tutorial here. If a value isn’t provided, it will look first to your selected collection, and then to your global if it can’t find a value in the selected collection.