Global variable are not updating dynamically in URL using newman cmd line runner


I am testing one scenario where I am providing data through CSV file with parent id associated child id in CSV file.

When I am running the collection in postman runner the collection requests iterate properly with provided data through it and data update the id’s dynamically in the runner.

Same when try I am running collection through Newman runner, id’s are not getting updated co due to which only single iteration run with 1st associated ids.

I am using pm.globals.set(“content_id_1”,jsondata[1]) to set global varible from resposnse body of post request .

Is there any limitation to Newman for this, could anyone please help me out here.

Can you give an example of what your CMD statement looks like. You might be missing a few flags.
check out the link provided for a list of the potential flags you can use to export final globals and for using data files.

Thank you for rply @Whersh there was issue with csv file which i was providing to command line problem got resolved.