Newman command to update variable in runtime

I have a collection to run with data driven via json file, in collection i have more than 10 api which are in chaining and i am passing values from one api response to anothee api request, i am using collection variable and global variable both.
While running in postman application it worked fine and variables are updating for each execution from data json, but in newman its taking initial value which i set during export,
How i can update values in run time after completion of one complete execution

You canโ€™t.

Current values do not get synced to the Postman Cloud, and are not included when you export collections or environments to run locally using the Newman CLI.

Only the initial values are included.

I canโ€™t advise if there is a workaround, as you havenโ€™t provided much context to the flow or what you are trying to achieve.