Github integration for Global Variable source control?

  • Descriptive title : Is there a way to source control Global Variables by integrating them with Github?
    Introduce the question : I have multiple functions which are shared by several collections. I have set those functions up as global variables. I want to be able to have the changes I make to the global variables automatically backed up in GitHub like is currently available with collections using github integration. Is there a way to do this? I am aware that I can do this manually via export or updating in github.
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  • App details : Postman v7.5.0 Postman App
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Hey @jilllancaster,

Is this of use to you?

It was written by @matt

Thanks for the reply.

The collections/Tests I am creating are in the Postman App. I have set up integrations for each of these to our private Git repository. The collections are currently being source controlled automatically. What is not being source controlled are the global variables. When I read the article you linked to, it seems to be a set up for integrating postman collections and tests which are created by a developer independent of the Postman App and console, correct?

I am not sure I see how using the Git Hooks would enable automatic backup of the global variables which are changed from within the postman app? However, I don’t have a strong background in git. Since I am adding functions and shared code as global variables it is something I’d prefer to have automatically backed up.

Thanks again,

After some investigation it appears there is already a request in github for a feature which would solve this problem , Native git integration #3563 , proposed Sep 27, 2017. This issue still appears open and I do not see it scheduled via Trello nor do i see activiity on it in Github? With the only way to develop and use common functions being as variables, this is a necessary feature. Any updates on this?