Getting "TypeError: Cannot read property 'titleId' of underfined"

Hi All, i receiving an error “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘titleId’ of underfined” when execute my testing. I’m take over this code from previous tester who already left, hence i not able to ask details from him. Kindly advice and many thanks.

Checked the test code (Collection), here is the step failed:

Checked the environment variable, its already set TitleId there:

Many Thanks.

Hi @speplatform,

The error isn’t relating to the environment variable; Cannot read property 'titleId' of undefined relates to the value jsonData.title.titleId. The suggestion from this error is that there is a problem with the response from your endpoint; it is indicating that it is unable to find the title element in the root of your response.

At the bottom of your first screenshot, I can see that the response has a 500 Internal Server Error - this suggests that you have not received a valid response from your system.

Hi, thank you for the response. Yeah, that ‘TitleId’ already solve, i solve it with provide proper authentication key.
But having another similar issue, all the test case are running passed but at the end of testing, it still return “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined”

Any idea why this happen? Checked the response, all return as expected, no way i can get the ‘0’ from.
Kindly advice