Day 26 challenge -Script added correctly | TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined

Day 26th -parse html response-I am able to create an array and store the values of the response in an array it passes individually when i run the test case. But when i run it in submit the test case gets failed stating that cannot read property ‘find’ of undefined. Can anyone help me out .


Hi @kkalpana55,

Can you double check that your collection variable is being created and that the value is persisted both the “initial value” and “current value” columns?

When I recreated your solution, I got a different error: “JSONError: No data, empty input at 1:1 ^”. After I persisted the “links” collection variable’s value to be in both the initial and current columns, the validation test passed. However, when I delete the collection variable altogether, I get the error you’re showing, so it seems like maybe your collection variable isn’t being created. Hope this helps!

Hi @carson-hunter-postma yes its was not creating I changed few steps now its not getting error thank you very much

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