Getting Set-Cookie in Postman Flow

Im trying to fetch 3 different “Set-Cookie” values from a GET Request in the Response Header to give it to my POST Request.
The Process works as long as i dont use it in a webhook.

I tried setting the cookies in either global, environmental and collection variables but in Flows they are read-only.
Im working with the Postman desktop client Version 10.21.14.

This is how my Flow is setup.

This is the GET Request with the Server Response. Im trying to get all of the Values from Set-Cookie and so far im only getting the 3rd one.

Is it somehow possible to get all 3 of the Set-Cookie Values?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @mission-specialist14

Welcome to the forums!

A couple questions:

  1. You mention it works so long as you don’t have it deployed as a webhook, can you check the logs when it is deployed and see what’s different in the logs? You can do this by hitting the three dots next to the publish button for webhooks, clicking view published version, then bringing up the console.

  2. It looks like your select blocks are connected to the Fail port of the Get C4C Token request, is that intentional?

Thanks for the reply.

Regarding your questions,

  1. There are no errors in the logs. The log from the POST Request tells me to send 2 other Cookies along the Request.

  2. Yes it is. The GET Request always ends up in the Fail State in order to retrieve the necessary data (API Token and Cookies) needed for the POST Request.

Hi @mission-specialist14

Thank you for the responses.

I spoke with the team and unfortunately while this is supported for local runs, it’s not yet supported with webhooks.

I’ll make this a feature request though.

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