Getting mocked examples to work on forked collection

Is there a trick to getting mocked examples to work on a collection that has been forked? It seems that a mocked examples only works with the original collection but not the forked ones. My forked collection is hitting the exactly the same URL with the same x-api-key header. Is there a recommended practice for creating examples when you have forked a collection? Do I need to create a new mock server for the forked collection?

Hi @mfuruya

Welcome to the community :wave: If you have forked the collection for which you have created the mock and examples - as far as I can tell, you should be able to run the requests without any issue since the mock-URL is live. One thing I would check is - if mock-URLs are resolved right (if they are declared as variables)?

Feel free to import this mock collection from here - fork and see if the examples retrieve well. If this isn’t what you are looking for - do share any test-collection (if possible) that would help us reproduce this (redact all sensitive information) :slight_smile: