Getting AWS service catalog UnknownOperationException error

Setup a POST to [ ]
Selected AWS Authorization.
Added AccessKey and SecretAccessKey
Set Region to
Set ServiceName to execute-api
Clicked UpdateRequest
Clicked Send

“Output”: {
“__type”: “”,
“message”: null

Is there any issue with API endpoint or action here?

Hey @pradeep.rode121 :wave:

Is there any information in here that can help?

Thank you Danny for your response. I did tried following link it did not work.
I am using AWS service catalog public APIs and passing required parameter for AWS below but still its giving unknownoperationerror

Our help here is going to be quite limited unless a forum member knows all about that API.

This isn’t a Postman functionality issue as it looks like you’re getting a response from the server so I’m unsure where you could go from here.

Posting a question on the AWS forum might help:

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