Get Response time stats for the collection

Hi Team,

I have about 100 requests that get executed everyday. I need to do set performance benchmark to ensure it does not degrade the performance after any changes.

I need to create report ( probably customized custom.hbs) which provides me stats on response time for each requests sorted by response time.

Satej C Mirpagar

Put your Newman run in a script, filter the output and redirect it to a file, e.g.

$ newman run TestApi.json --environment environment.json --reporter-cli-no-summary | fgrep ‘https://’
POST https://xxxxxxxx/create?yyyyyyyyyyy [200 OK, 674B, 164ms]
POST https://xxxxxxxx/create [200 OK, 600B, 49ms]
POST https://xxxxxxxx/create [200 OK, 384B, 749ms]
POST https://xxxxxxxx/create [200 OK, 341B, 261ms]
POST https://xxxxxxxx/create [200 OK, 394B, 327ms]
GET https://xxxxxxxx/read [200 OK, 3.46KB, 31ms]
GET https://xxxxxxxx/read?xyxyxyxyxyx [200 OK, 3.46KB, 44ms]
GET https://xxxxxxxx/read?xyxyxyxyxyx [200 OK, 2.02KB, 16ms]
GET https://xxxxxxxx/read?fbabababa [200 OK, 3.46KB, 31ms]
GET https://xxxxxxxx/create/bbbbbb [200 OK, 524B, 8ms]
DELETE https://xxxxxxxx/delete [200 OK, 341B, 5.9s]
GET https://xxxxxxxx/create/bbbbbb [200 OK, 526B, 11ms]
DELETE https://xxxxxxxx/delete [200 OK, 341B, 5.7s]
GET https://xxxxxxxx/create/aaaaaaaaaaaaae/ [200 OK, 538B, 31ms]
DELETE https://xxxxxxxx/delete [200 OK, 341B, 5.7s]
GET https://xxxxxxxx/read [200 OK, 339B, 10ms]
DELETE https://xxxxxxxx/delete/yyyyyyy/zzzzzzzzzzzzz [200 OK, 341B, 48ms]

Now you have your response times and do whatever you like with it, e.g. graph it, sort it,…