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I am trying to access the token from the Response Header of the POST request. However, when I POST the request in POSTMAN it doesn’t show all the Response headers which I see on the chrome dev tool.
The KEY in the response header I am after is :

Also, I can see when I POST the request I receive a GET request in the chain in the Console window [image attached]. I tried but was unable to get all the Response Headers, therefore is there a way I can copy the GET request TOken value from the Console window?

A doubt @fais2021
Is the token ever returned in the POST response body?

As @cmnazario pointed out, the access token is in the callback URL of your GET request.

Thank you for the comment. No the Post response doesn’t return the token. It returns few HTML lines. The only way I can see the call back request GET returning is in the console log.

Thank you for the comment. I’m getting the call back response only in Console not in response Body or header. How can I retrieve the callback token which I only see in the console log?

Hey @fais2021

I didn’t quite understand, maybe @vdespa can understand your context and help you better (I think it’s amazing :blush:), but if you still haven’t solved it, it would help better if you could show us how your request url is doing because the print it’s just showing us the console logs


in OAuth there are typically multiple parties involved. Make sure you get familiar with the different OAuth flows and figure out which is your situation. I think you are doing an implicit flow (maybe you know better).

I did here an explanation of two different OAuth 2.0 flows

If you are doing this in Postman, please keep in mind that you can’t automate this process, since you have some user interaction (unless you already have a refresh token).

You also can’t use scripts to read some of the data you see in the console log, since they are no regular Postman requests.

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Thank you @cmnazario
I had to disable Auto redirect URL in postman settings. After that I was able to see the call-back URL with token in response.

Also thank you @vdespa,
I am sorry I didn’t understand your comment completely because of my lack of knowledge.
I don’t have much understanding on OAuth flow so I will definitely look into your YouTube video. Thank you for sharing. From my call back URL I get token and cookie, for refresh token if I’m not wrong I get a refresh cookie in this call back URL which might be used for refresh request( I hope I make sense, as I also need to check the refresh flow since I’m getting initial token now)