GET racing speed data with same json file name

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My question:
Can you assist me with combining multiple json files with the same tag and plotting those to a spreadsheet, preferably google sheets.

The following JSON file ( is utilize and the same tag for every laps. The file is updated every 15 to 30 seconds with new data on NASCAR .com, but only the current data is available. The previous data gets overwritten. I would like to GET the data and put it into google sheets every time a new json file is populated like you see for attachments (Lap 1, Lap 2). Then I would like to have all of the different times put into a sheet like (All Laps Combine).

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
I have run the data manually and it worked but would like to know how to automate this process as I was not able to get this to perform correctly.

I’ve already tried:
I have manual performed this task through Apipheny grabbing the individual files and updated individually tabs in 30 second intervals.

JSON file utilized to pull in the data manually.