GET a CSV from URL and use it to PUT contents as a file in URL

Hi there,

I’m looking for some tweaking on this setup and see what the possibilities are.

We’re currently using Channable and would like to get the product feed CSV and push it towards, for example, a marketplace that requires that CSV be uploaded as a stock update.

I’m able to GET the contents of the CSV and read it.

In a test, I’m also able to upload a local file and PUT it towards the marketplace validator. Though, the purpose is to get it straight from the Channable URL / data feed and push it towards a marketplace without the manual upload.

In the case of this example, we need to push the CSV contents to the Zalando system. At the end of the URL the file name is added and the file uploaded.

Zalando requires the URL to be like this:${clientId}/${fileName}

What would be the best practice to get and push this data? Save the CSV output data into an environment variable and then push that file/contents? In the case of Zalando, they do provide documentation for a custom application: Sending the stock update - Connected Retail Documentation but I do no think it is necessary here as postman can provide this.

In the project here it was done with an image: Postman Maybe that serves as an inspiration to solve this.

I’m unsure how to go further from here as a new user to postman. Can the CSV or its contents be saved and then pushed so the marketplace environment can read its contents?

Thanks in advance!