Use variable in request URL with CSV data file

Original post: Use variable in request URL

I am able to use PUT to a single assetID (“273”), which is in the URL.

I then want to use a CSV data file as a runner, to make the assetID a variable in the URL (instead of static “273”).

So I created a CSV file where row 1 = “assetID” and below are all the assetID numbers.

I then created variable {{assetID}} in the URL, and uploaded the CSV file to form-data. But I get an error in return.

@danny-dainton can you please assist? Or anyone? :slight_smile:

Hey @lewism1992 :wave:

You pass the datafile into the Collection Runner by selecting this in the configuration. This wouldn’t go in to the request.

@danny-dainton Now working correctly- thanks very much!

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