Generating Collection from OpenAPI returns [object Object]

I have an OpenAPI Schema and I used to generate collections for testing or documentation from it. However, i am now getting [object Object] in request bodies, when i used to get JSON request bodies following the schema definition.
What might be causing this [object Object] instead of the correct JSON?

An example request body used to be auto-generated such as in this screenshot from the API Schema

However, I am now getting request body with [object Object] as follows

I haven’t used the generate collection action for some time so i am guessing some update to Postman may be resulting into the generation no longer working

I have tried generating a previous version of the schema where the generation worked fine to make sure this issue is not due to recent changes made to the OpenAPI schema

Hi @mrabetr

This might sound weird, but I think there is formatting that is being passed too.

Try stripping out these dots and replace with spaces or tabs:

And see if it sends once they are removed…

hi @w4dd325, thanks for your response

However, my screenshots are showing body requests generated from the OpenAPI Schema, when generating a collection from it.
The first screenshot is the correct JSON that was auto-generated from the API Schema and it works perfectly fine when sending a POST request with that body.

The second screenshot is basically Postman app failing to auto-generate the request body.

Therefore, what used to work during the collection generation from the API Schema is no longer working. I don’t usually maintain my collections manually. i have been updating my API Schema (definition in the Postman API tab) and from it i generate the collection for testing or documentation purposes.

The fact that the auto-generation of the request bodies is failing is now causing concerns because i can no longer create new collections on the fly and use them immediately. without the request bodies generated i will then have to copy past them manually

Ahh sorry my mistake, I understand now.

It’s not something I have a lot of knowledge on to be honest, I’ll have a poke around and see if i can recreate a similar scenario.

I have been experiencing this issue as well. I have a workaround and info to help track the bug down. @mrabetr @w4dd325

After testing a bunch of prior version of Postman, I can say it was introduced in either v9.26.x or v9.27.0. I was not able to download any v9.26, but 9.25.2 works as expected, and 9.27.0 displays [object Object] for imported request/response bodies.

I’ve been downloading these by fiddling with the direct download links, eg. for the last version without the issue.

I’m on Mac but my colleague on windows has the same issues.

Here is some yaml that you can use as a bug repro:

openapi: 3.0.0
  title: bug-repro
  version: '1.0'
  description: API specification.
  - url: 'http://localhost:5001'
      - schema:
          type: string
        name: tenancy
        in: path
        required: true
        description: The tenancy id
      summary: Check name
      operationId: put-api-tenancy-name
          description: 'OK'
              $ref: '#/components/schemas/Name-Check'
      title: Name-Check
      description: |
        Model to check name uniqueness
      type: object
          type: string
          type: integer
        - name
        - type

thanks @patrick-rsk for sharing your example.

After looking into your example i noticed that in the requestBody you’re using application/ for the content type.

This has triggered me to try with application/json which doesn’t not result into [object Object], but instead it correctly generates the JSON:

  "name": "amet in",
  "type": -3872749

The reason that caught my attention is because i use application/vnd.api+json in my API

@w4dd325 can you flag this bug please. basically, if the content type of the requestBody is application/json in the OpenAPI, the collection generated from it does produce a valid JSON object. However, if the content type is application/vnd.api+json then this results into the [object Object] bug

I don’t work for Postman, but you can search for / open issues here:

sorry about that @w4dd325
thanks for sharing the link, i created a new issue:

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