Generate from definition in Test and Automation API

Hi everyone, I’m in need of everyone’s help for api first.

How to enable Generate from definition option when testing an API?

In the API, hit Test and Automation, click + and my option Generate from definition is disabled.

I hope you guys can help me with this problem. My English is not good, if there are mistakes in words, please forgive me. Thank you very much for viewing this topic.

Same here, but I was able to enable. Add the definition to the new API first.

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Hey all!

If you’re finding that the “Generate from definition” option is disabled, there could be a few reasons. Here’s how you can resolve this:

  1. API Definition: Firstly, ensure that you have properly defined your API in Postman. The “Generate from definition” feature relies on a pre-existing API schema (like OpenAPI or Swagger).
  • Navigate to the “Define” tab of your API in Postman and check if you have either uploaded a valid schema definition or linked to one.
  1. Schema Validation: Even if you have a schema attached, there could be errors or inconsistencies in it which might prevent Postman from generating collections or tests.
  • Ensure your schema is valid. You can use online validators for OpenAPI/Swagger to check the integrity of your schema.
  1. Postman Version: Ensure you’re using a recent version of Postman. Outdated versions might lack certain features or contain bugs. Always keep your Postman app updated to the latest version.
  2. Workspace & Permissions: If you’re working within a team workspace, ensure that you have the required permissions to generate collections or tests from API definitions. Limited permissions could restrict some operations.

If after checking the above points, the option remains disabled, it might be helpful to provide some screenshots or more details about your API setup in Postman.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have further questions or issues! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys I was need you guys to help me

Thank you for answering and bringing up these cases. :grin: