FreshServices APIs Error

Hello postman Help desk.

I am working on the FreshServices APIs, and for that I am testing the APIs with Postman, but I am getting errors as given Below:

I tried multiple steps but still the issue is not resolved, I shall be very much thankful to have a solution to this Error.


here is process I did :slight_smile:

What does the documentation tell you to add as the Authentication method for those endpoints?

A HTTP header wouldn’t have a space in the middle of it so that can’t be what it’s telling you to do. :thinking:

Can you share a link to their documentation?

I suspect this is what you need:

where to add space, I am getting this, my bad!

I tried everything but still not working the documentation you just shared is also giving me same error

There isn’t anything that says add a space or even add that as the API Key.

As you have added the question is a few areas, this answer is giving you what you need.