Flows - need todays date as YYYY-MM-DD to use in If block

Hi, i’m new to flows so aplogies if this is simple but i couldn’t see an answer anywhere.

As part of my flow, i need to use today’s date, as a string in format YYYY-MM-DD, as a variable in an If block. In the screenshot i need to replace “2024-02-26” with a varibale for current date

I was able to set a global variable in a pre-request script for a GET API call using:
const moment = require(‘moment’);
pm.globals.set(“currentDate”, moment().format(“YYYY-MM-DD”));

However, it doesn’t appear that i can reference the global variable in the IF block and i can’t see how to set a local variable from the global.

Any help would be much appreciated

Hi @ah-potts

Welcome to the forums!

Try this instead of your hard-coded string:

$split($now(), 'T')[0]

$now() will get you the full current date and time, splitting on T gives you just the date in the format you want.

Here’s a link to the docs how $now is used. I realize it was missing from our reference, so i’m going to add it there.

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