Flow stops when resending request after evaluating response

I have created a flow that sends a request to a unit test API, retrieving the status of the unit tests (running, completed, etc.), and needs to repeat that request as long the runtime returned by the API is ‘-1’, meaning that the tests are still running.

But when resending the request after evaluating the response from the previous request, the flow just… stops, without giving a reason why it does so.

I’ve tried several things:

Evaluate the value of the runtime returned in the response and if it is -1, send the request again

Evaluate the value of the runtime returned in the response and if it is -1, delay for an X amount of time and then resend the request

Repeat the request X times and hope that after those X times the API returns with a value other than -1

Only the last option seems to work. In the other two cases, the flow just stops. It kind of looks like this issue by @cbarrydcg , with the difference being that I don’t assign the returned value to a variable but read it directly from the response message and act according to its value.

What am I doing wrong here?

Hi @bart.zantingh

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Based on your screenshots it looks like the issue is your MyAppUrl variable is only sent once (not part of the loop). All ports are considered required so that would be why it stops. Is that something that changes per run of the flow and something that can be stored as an environment variable?

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