Feature request: Multiple User-Dependent Certificates for the Same Host

Since this has been asked at least once already with no response whatsoever (e.g. here, by @jagfarrell):

I would like to request a new feature for Postman: ability to select which certificate to use in the request.


  • In the enterprise we typically need to simulate calls (sometimes in the same call series) with different users.
  • Different users means different client certificates.
  • Currently, Postman only allows one certificate per host to be added centrally to the settings.
  • This means that we are limited to one client certificate per host for ALL workspaces.
  • (Certificates should not be associated to hosts but to users, in fact)

This is solved in simpler tools such as the Advanced Rest Client by MuleSoft from Paweł Uchida-Psztyć, which allows the selection of one certificate per request from the list of certificates in store without linking them 1:1 to a host:

Thank you very much in advance for considering this!
Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Hey @xavier.gutierrez :wave:

Could you please raise all feature requests over on our Issue Tracker, please?

This is the community forum and I’d hate for it to get lost in all the other general usage threads. :trophy:

Thanks! I will take a look at the existing requests to see if it is already suggested by someone else and, if not, will propose the enhancement above.

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Hey @dannydainton
I went to GitHub and found an open Feature request similar to mine:

You may want to hint to Abhinav Asthana that he should either delegate this one or act on it… It’s been like that since June 2018…