Add Client certs to Postman Settings programmatically?

Not sure if this is a Feature Request or existing Feature I’m not aware of. We return certs and keys for certain api calls required for subsequent calls - curious if it’s possible to pass these as environment variables to the Settings->Certificates area in the app?

These api calls are frequently run and refreshed, so I’m trying to get around saving the cert files and adding them to Settings manually.



@rharmaning This would be a feature request since as of now only files are supported for certificates.
You can open a feature request here

Thanks @postman-harryi3t - done!

What is the status of this feature request? I need it, as well.

I am also interested in this feature.
Are there any plans to implement it?


This feature should be high prio imo. Working with client certs is very common in secure environments and setting this by hand is not suitable. See: Ability to use Client Certs Programmatically · Issue #4753 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub