Execute common collection

Hi Team,

I have a scenario where I need execute common collection of requests across various collections.

I don’t want to copy common collection to each collection - Is there any other way?


Hey @SatejMirpagar. Unfortunately, what you are asking for, that is, linking folders/collections of requests for conditional execution is not yet supported in the app. We do support building conditional workflows at the request level though, through setNextRequest.

Interestingly, we have seen some similar feature requests in the past and are thinking of a clean way to support this. I cannot give you an ETA on this right now but will update here is something is finalized.

Lastly, feel free to share your exact use case here and I or some other community member might be able to suggest a better workaround. Cheers.

Thanks @deepak.pathania for your response.

From code re-usability point of view - it would be great if we can have this feature going forward in Postman.

Thanks again!