Error: Too many levels of nesting to fake this schema

I’m getting the following error in a POST request when I create a Collection from an OpenAPI definition I have created in Postman:

The ‘created_on’ element in the screenshot is defined in the OpenAPI definition inside a structure of $refs which are 4 levels deep.

Is this behaviour correct? (It’s not apparent when I define the same OpenAPI spec in SwaggerHub). How can I workaround this so I don’t get this error?

Did you try and Google the issue?

Have a look at the following articles for potential work arounds.

Error: Too many levels of nesting to fake this schema · Issue #10928 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support (

Reaching Stack Limit on Modest Schemas · Issue #306 · postmanlabs/openapi-to-postman (

Hi there, yes I did Google this issue before logging it on the Postman Community and found those two pages, but neither helped I’m afraid. One of them suggests disabling the “Optimize conversion” when creating a Collection but that didn’t work. The other seems to be referring to a “stackLimit” option but I can’t see how to change that in the Postman App where I’m managing my OpenAPI definition and associated Collections.