Error self signed certificate in certificate chain running in Newman

Our test environment uses https and we have a self-signed certificate. If I run a collection from within Postman, it runs if I have “SSL certificate verification” turned off. It fails if that is enabled.

Trying to run the same collection via Newman I always get a “Error self signed certificate in certificate chain” error. I tried adding in the -k or --insecure but that just suppresses that message and then returns a 500 error and the command still doesn’t run.

I have the collection down to a single test that just logs in and that’s where it fails.

node.js - 10.15.3
newman - 4.4.1

I am running this within git bash on a Windows 10 machine.

Still very new to Newman but if anyone has any suggestions on how to troubleshoot or why it seems to be ignoring the --insecure, it’s appreciated.

I have another collection that uses http and those run fine.

Thanks in advance.

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