Error - "moreInformation": "Invalid string syntax"

Hi All,

I am facing the below error when trying to do a test case. Can someone help.
I have decrypted and checked, there was no change in the existing file.

“httpcode”: “400”
“httpMessage”: “Bad Request”,
“moreInformation”: “Invalid string syntax”

Vivekanandan K

Hey @vivekanandanvkr :wave:

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There’s no real information or context here, it would be difficult for anyone to help you based on those details.

What API are you using? Is it public and are there any docs? What does a good request look like? How do you know what you have entered is correct for that endpoint?

Could you edit your question to include more information, please?

It is not an public API, it is an Bank API. It was an attempt to connect to BANK through API for payment advice.

We have imported their certificates and tried establishing the connection.

Vivekanandan K

From that image, you can see that it’s not valid JSON in the request body. There’s an underlined red error indicator, which looks like it’s missing a closing " or its a multi line value that isn’t correctly formatted.

I don’t know what a valid payload is for that endpoint though so it’s just back to being guess work due to the lack of information. :grimacing:

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