Valentino Artisan Coffee House API (Assignment# 2)

Good day everyone,

I’m trying to complete assignment#2 from Valentino Artisan Coffee House API course

I have read the documentations for the assignment and copied exactly like the instructions advised but still not getting any luck

Would you please help me by taking a quick look into my fork and letting me know what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you,

Hey @samessam :wave: ,

Is there a particular error that you’re seeing in the verify your work request?

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Hey @danny-dainton good to hear back from someone with your expertise

As you can see the required from assignment# 2

Use pm.expect() write a status code test for all the requests in the collection

and then copy the every folder and then put it in “API requests” folder. Ensure the name of the request remains the same.

I did all of that. that should get me to pass the Verify your work tests but the screenshot is what happened.

Looking at the fails, the first one in the list mentions that you may have used the previous collectionid for this check.

That would have a knock on effect and cause the other failures.

That’s what I thought since everything is good.

Would you please be so kind and explain to me what’s this fail?

Correct collection returned | AssertionError: expected ‘:white_check_mark: Assignment #1’ to include ‘Assignment #2

The Collection you’re using in that check has the name Assignment #1 and not Assignment #2.

The easiest way to know is to check the id you have used, against the Collection Id for Assignment #2.

If you’re using variables, ensure that everything is saved so it not picking up an older value that may have been there.

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You know what?!
You’re a life saver, Danny
Thank you so much. you’re actually helping me a lot through my journey with Postman.

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You’re very welcome! Happy to help. :heart:

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