Error generating a collection from an imported GraphQL schema

I have a Rails app, using the graphql-ruby gem, which has a built in way to export the schema as both JSON and SDL files.

No matter what I try, I have been unable to generate a collection from the schema. I keep getting the error:

“Could not convert the given schema”

I could really use some help troubleshooting. I also haven’t found a great example in the documentation of what these files to import should actually look like (re: formatting and syntax), so I have to assume that the formats that the graphql-ruby gem is exporting are what is expected.

I have tried generating a new blank API and looked at the formats there, and gone in and tried to manually make sure things look the same, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what is ‘invalid’ about the schema that is imported.

The schema is rather large and so I do not want to manually add each type one at a time if I can at all avoid it.

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