Error:connnect ECONNNREFUSED And Proxysetting?

My question:

  1. local(PC) → bastion host( → AP Servere(http:/// → tomcat:8080)
    It is composed like this.

  2. So, I tried in the post method in postman, but I get an error.

  3. Postman’s setting

3.1. General tab → SSL certificate verificaion (off)
3.2. Proxy tab → Default Proxy Configuration (Excluding check),
Proxy configurations for sending requests (check)
proxy type: Http , Https (all check)
Proxy Server : : 443
proxy Auth : ON
Username : test
Password : ******

I did etc.
Is there anything I need to check?

How I found the problem:
“Error:connnect ECONNNREFUSED

I’ve already tried:

Hi @arthuman

Could be related to this: