Dynamic URL without "classic" variables (path in request)

My question:
I need to send a request to an api, where i need to build the request dynamically by adding variables in the url.
The url needs to be formed like that:
The customerId changes from request to request. But it’s not defined like in other api with customerid={{customerId}}
What I can easily achieve is:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-20 um 15.27.17

What I need is https://example.com/portal/customer/123

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot and best regards

You need to use a variable instead of a parameter and then what you had originally should work.


If you use parameters, it will keep trying to put the ?parameter=xxx into the URL.

Hi there,
I coud solve this by using a path variable /:customerID
Best regards.