Downloading XML files from dates

I am brand new to Postman and am following a guide to get Program Guide data as XML files.

I goes like this:

Access schedule for an given day and Channel:

  • Open Postman application
  • Create collection – “DR EPG” or whatever name is appropriate in your setting
  • Add request to “DR EPG” – for instance “Schedule”
  • Add url to “schedule” –
  • Add parameter to “schedule” headers – Enter name “APIkey “ and insert APIkey
  • Add parameter to “schedule” headers- Selcet “ Accept” and select “ application/XML

So that works and I can click Send and download to get the XML file for july 25.

Since I need to get individual files for current day and every day 3 weeks ahead I was thinking if there is some kind of automation to do this? So going through each date and downloading.

Any relevant documentation examples I could look at or any ideas how to do this?