Documentation Anchor Links Not Going to Correct Section

My question:
Why do the anchor tags for our API documentation no longer allow for direct linking to sections?

Trust My Travel API should take you straight to Authentication / Token Request and used to do so, but following that URL takes you to the beginning of the documentation.

Clicking on the link in the docs takes me to the correct location.

How I found the problem:
Customers using other documentation that references our API documentation complained.

I’ve already tried:
Searching for similar issues.
Trying to access the docs on a different URL to my custom URL, but couldn’t work out how to do so.

After several frustrating days of trying to figure this out I reverted back from single column layout to double column layout and anchors now work.

Seems like a bug to me, but I’m not fussed about using two column layout.
Hopefully this saves other people with the same issue some time.