Display user help messages in runner

Is it possible to display a custom message in runner? As an example if a test fails I would like runner (or newman) to display a message telling the operator what needs to be done to correct the problem. I am able to use the following code but I would like it be display in a highlight color such as orange.

pm.test("**** If the following tests fail a credit card must be added to the account ****",true);

Also is it possibe to abort the test on a failure?


Try …

if ( somethingFails ) {
    tests["**** This test failed !!! A credit card must be added to the account ****"] = false;

This will display the message in red because of the “false” … if it were “true” it would display in green.

Red and green are the only 2 choices that I know of.

Hope this helps.

I would have expected 1 and 4 to return fail but instead they all pass. What is going on?

pm.test("1 " , function () {true});
pm.test("2 " , function () {false});
pm.test("3 " , true);
pm.test("4 " , false);