Day 7 - \r\n\ in response

Hello, I am trying to parse an email from the response ‘Echo the user’, but I’m having trouble with new line characters there. Can you please help me figure out how to parse that email? I’m not familiar with using regex.

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If you look further down that response, Is there a json property? That might help here.

This will be an issue with the body, so the JSON is not being displayed properly within the data field in the response.

At first glance, it looks like most of your values don’t have the quotes in the right place. Therefore its not valid JSON.

I know exactly what you’ve done here, but troubleshooting is part of the learning, so please check your body, and how you have set the variables.

You shouldn’t need to parse this again after the initial pm.response.json().

Hello again @danny-dainton and @michaelderekjones ,
the problem was due to missing quotation marks in the request body.
Thank you for helping me.