Day 6: Authentication issue


I am really sorry to have to ask for help.

As stated in the description, I successfully retrieve the user_id and session_token, and their transmission is correct with the values they contain being the ones received during the POST. However, no matter where I try to pass the token, I receive a 403 response. I don’t understand the reason for this response.

It seemed to me that I was performing the operation correctly, as it doesn’t appear complicated, but apparently, I am doing something wrong.

Does anyone have an idea where my mistake might be coming from?

A big thank you in advance.

Have a great day, everyone.

Found it!
I was stubbornly trying to send the token via a Bearer authorization, but if I had properly read the instructions or at least correctly translated them =) , I wouldn’t have been stuck.
Good day.

Hi @joint-operations-as3. Welcome to the Postman Community :postman:.

I’m really glad you were able to find the issue and fix it. You don’t have to be sorry to ask for help, the community is always here to support and help everyone :heart:.

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