Day 12 postman api


I am getting these two 404 errors when I submit my response. See the attachment.
The workspace and environment requests are returning 200, but there’s an issue on this submit page.

I added the API key to the collection as advised.

I would suggest reading the code in the tests tab for the submit.

You can see that the code is using Postman Echo to echo back what is in the environment variables stored on the body. It then uses the information in that response with sendRequest to call the Postman API to get the various collections and environment details. It’s these requests which are failing and causing the 404.

I can only recommend rechecking the instructions and the variables that need to be set.

Use Console Log to troubleshoot.

Whenever the submit fails on these challenges, the first thing I would advise is to read the code in the tests tab as it usually gives you a better idea of what the test is actually doing and what you may have missed which can be a simple as a spelling mistake.

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