Day 07 | submission request failed on Monitor run

hi Community,

Everything looks fine WHEN I send the submission request, I could receive the 200 OK

However, WHEN I set-up a Monitor for the whole collection, I would receive the 401 Unauthorized.

I have already set the Monitor to use the same Environment as the collection does
What else did I miss? Thanks for your help!

Hey @hojade :wave:

You shouldnt need to run the monitor to submit your solution. It’s only a single request to check the different parts of your work. If that single request is passing, you can move onto the next day’s Collection.

The Monitor is more than likely failing due to the Auth variable, only being set as the current value.

Thank you! @danny-dainton :]

No wonder why! Because I would face the same problem WHEN scheduled the Run. Yet, I can run the whole collection WHEN click the [Run collection] without facing any problems!

Btw, I would do the Schedule Run and Monitor is because I tried to follow the step 5&6 stated in the “Run test suites” folder under the “Day 07” collection.

Once again, thanks! Wish u hv a nice day :wink:

The Monitored and Scheduled runs are not running on your machine so that wouldn’t have access to some of the data that you have locally, like current value variables.

Those other 2 steps in the course were optional, just making you aware that you could run a Collection with that functionality. Basically, there are multiple ways to run a Collection. :joy:

These have also been explained by @supply-observer-3353 in this recent blog post:


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