Day 06(15days)_Getting 403 for the 1st Get- Account Summary

Could someone please help me? For Day 06(15 days) Post-user login request, I had succuessful response, after login, I’m sending get request to get user summary.
getting status code: 403 in the response for the 1st “Get-Account Summary” request.

I am also getting same ,but in Account Summary copy request ,which is after log out request ,so if the user id is logout then how can it get Account summery .

After Log out, for the 4th request i.e. “GET-Account Summary 2”, we were supposed to get “403” as per the documentation.

For the 1st request i.e. “POST-User Login”, getting “200 Status code” as expected. and for the 2nd request i.e. “GET-Account Summary”, getting “403” and not getting “200 Status code” as expected.

I can only recommend to re-read steps 5 and 6.

Step 5 requires you to save the user_id and token that will be used for authentication.

Step 6 requires you to set the authentication on the “New user workflow” folder.

Each request within that folder will inherit the authentication.

Please remember to use the console logs. See what is actually being sent, which should hopefully show that you don’t have the required x-api-key in the header.

followed all the steps exactly as mentioned in the Document. I have uploaded the screenshot with console log. Here I see x-api-key is being sent.

How about the URL, is that showing correctly in the console logs? Is the user ID being transposed correctly.

Mike, thanks for the quick responses.
Yes, the URL is showing correctly in the console logs and also the user ID

It doesn’t look like you are using a path variable for your user ID. You should have a path variable under params.

I don’t think this will cause this to fail, but it might cause your submit to fail at the end.

It looks like you have the API key and the correct URL.

All that request needs is the user_id in the URL with the matching x-api-key.

All I can suggest is creating a new account with a new username and re-generate the api key, and try again. Make sure the API key generated in the login is the one that is being sent in the summary request.

I’ve just done that for my old collection, and it all still works, so its not the API that’s the issue here.

Otherwise, please share your public collection and someone will be able to take a deeper look.

This challenge is fairly straight forward (there are more complicated ones that await you). I would recommend just starting again if needed. Troubleshooting is part of the learning experience.

I have added a path variable under parms. and the other mistake I was doing is I didn’t parse the response for token, so whenever I log in, getting a new token and the value is not matching. Finally, I got a 200 status code as expected for the 1st Get-Account Summary request. Thanks for your responses, Mike.

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