Day 04 - 15 day postman API collection

Can any one tell me on which day (postman API ) collection is created in 15 day day challenge i have total 17 collection 15 main 1 fetaure and god bank api one is missing can anyone tell on which day and after which step the collection is created .

Hey @navigation-pilot-187 :wave:,

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Have your received an email after submitting your work? Is that not specifing where they error might be?

Do you have an API and the Collection from this in your Workspace?

Can you provide a link to your Workspace please?

7375129a-dd93-463c-9bf7-a8b8227d7895 workspace ID

Can you share the full Public Workspace URL and not the Workspace ID please?

You might want to check Day 4:

Hey @navigation-pilot-187

I can see that the badge has now been awarded so it looks like you found the missing Collection :smiley:

YA. thx for your support. guys please come here and spend some time to get the solution . of your error.
thx , thx a lots.

No problem.

Iā€™m not sure I follow your last comment, do we need to spend some time looking at something? :thinking:

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