D365 Web API Pagination in Flows


I’m testing Flows and accessing the D365 web API, but can’t seem to parse the ‘body.@odata.nextLink’ attribute. Is there a special escape char. required?

Hi @delasco_robertn

Try using backticks in the Evaluate Block to get the path like in this solution.

If you’re still having trouble after trying that, if you have a screenshot of the structure of the data in the Flow, I can provide a more specific line of code for the Evaluate Block.

Thanks, Daniel. The backticks didn’t work for me, but I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the data structure in case you have any other suggestions!


Try it with backticks like this:

Thank you, Daniel!

The backticks worked inside an Evaluate block:

Interestingly, the same syntax does not work inside a Select block (example in screenshot above).


If you want to use a select block you can try: body.@odata~2nextLink as the path.

Additionally, in the next release you should be able to auto-complete the correct path inside the blocks rather than typing it out.

Amazing! Your suggestion works in the Select block:

Thank you, for all your help!

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