Create/Update request

How can we add new request to mock server? i noticed the requests only available upon the mock server creation. Once it’s created, there ain’t a way to add new request when i try to edit the mock server.

It’s important as we might patch or expand our mock to showcase to developers wht’s the expected result. If we are building multiple request, we need to re-create the mock server

Hi @weitatbipo

Duplicate your call and then change the path of the URL.

You will also need to change the path of your example files too.

Same base URL but the /path changes

it doesn’t work

#1 - “Molly” is my mock server
#2 - i dup-ed my request to “pingNew”
#3 - u can see “ping” return 200, but “pingNew” return 404

    "error": {
        "name": "mockRequestNotFoundError",
        "message": "Double check your method and the request path and try again.",
        "header": "No matching requests"

u may try my mock request here

What do your examples look like?