Create data file Day 10 of 15days

day 10
Create data file

In the activity you request to create a data file, please can you inform us if this file has any specific format and if the data it should contain is

Key, Value
testData, {{$randomCatchPhrase}}

“Animal” : {{$randomAnimalsImage}}



pm.test(“Status code is 200”, function () {;


The first request has the random variables, catch phrase and animal and is not using a data file.

The second request uses the data file. (“httpbin with file”).

The code you have provided is for the first request.

Hint: There are two variables that you need to include in your data file.

Your data file can be a CSV.

The documentation for the course has a link to a Postman blog on how to use data files, and also a video.

Part of the training for this exercise is for you to read and understand the available resources. Not just tell you how to setup the data file.

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