Could not get any response socket hang up

Having the same problem. Did someone find a solution?

I fixed this issue by disabling Postman token header.

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Hey, I don’t know but it’s not working in my case. after disabling the Postman Token header request is still stuck. Is there another way to fix it.


Hi all, I’ve been for a long looking for a solution, and I found it. At least in my case the problem was that I was sending the request as a HTTP request when I needed to send a HTTPS request.

I hope this help someone.

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@ altimetry-administr9 thanks a lot. It helped me. After using https in my case (https://localhost:44888/api/ct/catalogtree) i got a right response of my local server

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same for my case it is working after I changed in to HTTPS, thanks

It happens because socket was closed and you try to send request with it.
my case - a delay of 10 seconds was set in Pre-request script =( change delay to 1 sec and use postman.setNextRequest to resend the request

we also tried to use new socket for the request with “pool”: false in request" (in json view), but “Error while importing: format not recognized” error

I just solved this problem checking the hostname, It was bad written.

hey everyone , that works for me : i just add an await before saving the user like the code below