Cool NASA APIs to checkout

I started to look for cool APIs to experiment and learn Postman with. I know there are many lists. I found this one on Reddit.
From there I went to NASA and registered there. What I like about the NASA API is that once you get the key and make the query, there is a great visual reward when you execute it. Amazing space related pics. What are the steps?

  1. Go to and you Browse the APIs. I selected “Astronomy Picture of the Day”, APOD.
  2. Generate an API key, which uniquely identifies you.
  3. Copy the http request, and paste it into Postman
  4. You can replace the DEMO_KEY with the actual key.
  5. Press Send and run the GET command.
  6. Voila in the result you will get the url for a beautiful image of the day. Mine is below.

There are so many variables you can play with including COUNT etc which eg if you set to 5 will show you 5 pics.
Enjoy and happy API and Space exploration.


@cryosat-explorer-366 Wow :star_struck:!! Thanks for sharing this piece of info… Lovely picture… Will definitely try out NASA APIs :woman_astronaut:

I am moving your post to “General Discussions” category :wave:

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thanks Pricilla really appreciate it.


Although this post is already a few days old I wanted to highlight it. That’s pretty cool stuff, @cryosat-explorer-366. I think NASA is a great resource for exploring not only space but API calls. Amazing pictures FTW! Keep it going and tell me what else you did there.

I found that although it’s not yet documented you can call against Perseverance’ library (Mars Rover launched in 2020):


@cryosat-explorer-366 ,

This is amazing :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I will surely give it a try.

@cryosat-explorer-366 I’ve actually used this APOD API for a hackathon project before! It’s super awesome and pretty easy to work with-- nice find! :ringer_planet: :star: