Cookies not being set on 302 redirects

I have a GET request that makes multiple redirect calls (302s). It follows the redirects to the final 200 but it doesn’t save cookies being set by the redirects. Since I’m creating a script to simulate sign in of our app I need these cookies. I’ve searched far and wide and can’t find a solution.
btw, I’m using your windows app not the chrome extension.


I found the same issue for 302 redirect. The wired thing is that the cookie of some of 302 redirects is saved. But others are not.

Also experiencing this issue.

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As the original question does not have a lot of detail about the issue, could you explain what you’re currently seeing please?

The more detail that you can provide, the easier it will be for others to offer solutions. If you can also include screenshots that would be awesome!

Trying to provide you the data to solve this issue. I found that the issue with the cookie not being set was that the domain contained a port (:). Removing the port successfully set the cookie during a 303 redirect!

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