Convert CURL to Postman

Hi, I need to convert CURL to POSTMAN and have reviewed some of the documentation.
I’ve attempted adjusting the CURL request and still receive the same error message which is “error while importing curl uri malformed”

Please help me find a solution to this error. I’m looking to convert this to Postman. The CURL code is:

curl -X POST -d “{“domainName”:”%GIVEN_DOMAIN_NAME%",“reconciliation”:"%GIVEN_RECONCILIATION%",“type”:"%GIVEN_REQUEST_TYPE%",“inputFile”:"%GIVEN_FILEPATH%",“storeResults”:"%GIVEN_STORE_RESULTS%",“reportToEmail”:"%GIVEN_EMAIL_REPORT%"}" -H %HEADER_1% %API_URL% -u %GIVEN_API_AUTH%

I’ve been told I need to add this somewhere:
curl --location --request GET ‘

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Hey @dankrm,

This curl command includes variables that will resolve in PowerShell or a Windows command prompt. You can convert these to Postman-style variables. You will need to either replace them once the request is imported or you’ll need to keep them and use something like an Environment to store these variable values.

To convert between variable syntax types, change something like %API_URL% to {{API_URL}}.

Reworked example:

curl -X POST -d “{“domainName”:”{{GIVEN_DOMAIN_NAME}}",“reconciliation”:"{{GIVEN_RECONCILIATION}}",“type”:"{{GIVEN_REQUEST_TYPE}}",“inputFile”:"{{GIVEN_FILEPATH}}",“storeResults”:"{{GIVEN_STORE_RESULTS}}",“reportToEmail”:"{{GIVEN_EMAIL_REPORT}}"}" -H {{HEADER_1}} {{API_URL}} -u {{GIVEN_API_AUTH}}
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