Collection runner restrictions - Does this include Newman?

It has caught us completely by surprise in the middle of a critical testing process. If this is not reversed we will move on to another tool (like SoapUI). We are not going to give second chances to find in the future that they limit later Newman or CLI if they dont get enough pay users.

What an error, Postman Team


Huh? I didn’t get the news until the paywall hit me. I’ll give them a month to revert this changes before i switch to an alternative.
Though I don’t want to start from scratch again, i don’t want to stick to a tool that feels like ransomware either… :confused:
And who knows what their next grand idea will be.


Making us pay to use the button in the UI versus running Newman in a shell is the worst product strategy move I have seen in a long time. Should we learn to use curl directly? It’s time to go test the competition The Collaborative API Development Platform - Insomnia


Wow, it has individual plan.

@yann Wow, it has individual plan.

No more tricks, true solution is here.

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New postman user here. I use postman desktop.

This is a feature that I started using last december and now I just got this limit showing up out of nowhere. A limit that makes the feature unusable.

There was no warning whatsoever via email that this would happen, only noticed the change after i passed the limit by 1 run today and got a warning…

Is there any other way to run a collection without facing this limit? (without running requests one by one). I am new at this, if you have any tips let me know.

Wow, what an incredibly horrible change to drop suddenly! We’ll have to migrate away from postman due to this, it’s as simple as that.

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I’m a solo developer, using postman collection runs locally. I do probably 20-50 collection runs a day.
Looking at Postman’s pricing page, I’d now require an enterprise plan to continue running my collections (local, not even cloud).

Bye bye I guess :person_shrugging:

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@arlem Just want to post additional feedback like all the others.

We use collection runs in part of our Azure data factory pipeline tasks locally for building things out and testing them; also for local api testing in development. I would not say our team are “heavy” users of postman features, but it has been one of those reliable tools we’ve used in the background consistently. Our team has been paid users since 2017 at 10 seats. Even the pro 250 per month limit, It feels like a money grab. Feels like we were blindsided by this change.

I just want to share that this feature change has forced us to begin the business process of looking for a postman replacement.


Hey @jermann, the limit doesn’t affect the runs from your Azure pipeline as far as I’m aware. Did you notice otherwise?

Depending on the testing load, we can run over 100 in a day - and this doesn’t even count just running it locally. I shouldn’t need an account just to use the features already in the software that have been slowly stripped away, and we definitely shouldn’t need to pay to run postman collections. It’s hard to believe we’re now blacklisting postman from our company.

I guess the up side to all this is that we were forced to find a better solution with Bruno.


This is worth investigating as an option. I like the idea of being able to include any NPM module to be used in your scripts.

Means you can use some of the XPath libraries, and filesystem ones too.

However, as its free, its still runs the risk that the maintainer might move onto other things. As the code base is there and you can contribute it might be less of a risk in certain ways.

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I really wanted to know where did they take this number from… I think everyone is complaining about the NUMBER. It’s extremely low. ALL plans should be UNLIMITED.


Been using Postman for many years, recently joined an Enterprise account with 200+ users. Been running collections manually for many years as well.

To find that Enterprise account is limited to 250 manual runs per month is absolutely shocking. I use it to debug E2E flows which are very fickle since Postman does not provide obvious automation tools to complement the run feature (like speed of each request, etc).

Great points by others - not using Postman resources other than the ability to share collections to others in the account, so why limit this?!? If every IDE monetized the debugging process, where would tech be now?!? I don’t know how much my employer is paying for this mega account with so many users, but it’s apparently too much already if Postman decides to cherry-pick features to nickel and dime their large customers.

I really had shied from SoapUI and warmed to Postman based on the UI, but Postman is apparently growing too big for britches. Yep, everyone is right - time to “MOVE ON, Beth.”

What a use case for switching to Open Source LOL. Note: commented using my personal account as to not identify my emp.

Enterprise would not even cover you for the month, limit is 250/mo!!

At 20-50/day, the max would be used up within 5 - 13 days.

This is a very short-sighted and ill-informed revenue ‘generating’ decision, smh and look to future

ugh, replied to the wrong thread, even this community is buggy

This is a dreadful decision. We will look to move away from postman for our use cases, as we can’t justify the cost across the whole team.

Hey @supertester1 , there’s no collection run limits on the Enterprise plan. You may be on the Professional plan instead?

If you’re seeing limitations on the Enterprise plan please reach out to support to get this unblocked: Postman Support | Postman

If my qa group already has collections that they run manually, will they have to change anything in them if I get the Enterprise plan? Do I stage a license file or do I have to create and use postman accounts and and store some stuff in the cloud?

I don’t know how you all do testing, but I expect to do many, many iterations - i.e., “collection runs”.
having to fork over $1,200 a year just to test my own local software?
Patently ridiculous.
Bruno is fine and is -actually- free.

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