Collection Runner 409 Conflict Error

I am getting a 409 Conflict error when I try to POST my JSON file using the runner via a collection. I am wondering what steps can I take to fix this?

I am just starting working with APIs & Postman so I’m sure this is a rookie mistake. Hoping for some guidance on what I am doing wrong. I am not sure how to write a test script but I tested my JSON in the body of a single POST request and it went through and posted in the database as I wanted.
I then turned this POST request into a collection and hit the runner icon to get the runner screen.
I uploaded my JSON file and selected POST. Then got this result.

I’ve already tried:
I ran the runner with the body intact and without as I thought maybe that was the conflict but neither worked.

Just trying to understand what you’re doing here;
Could you be a little more specific as to what the file is you are trying to upload? …
is this data to be fed into a call?

Also, the orange dot in the POST tab would suggest there are changes that you haven’t saved yet. Make sure it’s all saved before you hit run otherwise it will run the older saved version.

Could you explain the bit where you said “I tested my JSON in the body of a single POST” …
Your tests will be stored in the “tests” tab, and the JSON could be “checked” by doing a schema validation or individual value checks. If you can explain what you’re trying to do I’ll try send some examples you could try.