[COLLECTION] Collection level Auth is set to type API key

“Hello, I’m new to submitting the ‘skill check’ for Postman API Fundamentals Student Expert. I’ve followed the steps for the tasks, but I encountered an error as shown in the attached picture. Could someone please explain how to resolve this issue? I only have one error remaining to complete the task.”

The link off the task: https://academy.postman.com/postman-api-fundamentals-student-expert-certification-1/48564

The error is telling you what is wrong.

You’ve set the authorization on the “skill check” request, not the “Postman Library API v2” collection.

I take a look of the authorization tab for “skill check” and “Postman Library API v2”
Here is the 2 pictures of the authorization tab. I also just set on the authorization on “skill check”

I try do again and it still at the same failure

In relation to your last two screenshots.

You still have the authorization set on the “skill check” request.

Where your collection is set to “No Auth”.

The request should be set to “Inherit from parent” and the authorization needs to be set at the collection level.

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