Collection and request authorization

I am new to Postman.

I am working on automating configuration deployment on Cisco nexus switches. I am able to login and execute commands using API calls on individual devices. Each device on separate collection.

But, I want to run all requests at once by creating folders in the collection using the runner. I get 200 ok for the login request but 403 forbidden for the actual codes. I know it requires more detail. I will explain up on request. Appropriate any help.

Hey @sintayehutib,

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Are you storing a token or any Auth details from the Login request, to Authenticate the other requests in the Collection?

No I did not store a token. But, saved the request after login.

I worked through a similar scenario today. I used this as my guide and was able to get all my tests working.

For me, any auth related data that I needed in my subsequent requests, I needed to explicitly save to an environment variable after the auth request, and then use those vars in the other requests. Hope it helps!