Collaboration and Governance for API Teams | Postman Intergalactic, January 25th, 2023

Welcome to the Postman Intergalactic!
We have an exciting year planned full of Postman learning sessions covering topics from beginner to expert.

Let’s talk API governance. This month is all about collaboration and governance for API teams. Ensure the security, scalability and proper documentation of your APIs with Postmanauts @iandouglas and @matt in this January 25th Postman learning session. Learn more about Git integration, collaboration and more in “Collaboration and Governance for API Teams”.

Here’s what we’ll do in this upcoming one-hour intermediate learning session:

  • Discuss the Postman Private API Network
  • RBAC
  • Git
  • SSO
  • Audit Logging

All you need is a Postman account and a seat to watch along in. See you there!

:spiral_calendar: 2023-01-25T16:00:00Z
:link: Collaboration and Governance for API Teams | Postman